IIFL Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Loan EMI Calculator

Amount (A)
Interest Rate (R) (in %)
Tenure (T) (in months)
Processing Fees (P) (in %)
Down Payment (D)

Total Down Payment (TDP)
(TDP = D + P)


Loan EMI (LE)
(PLA= A – D)
(PLA = Principal Loan Amount)
(LE = [PLA x R x (1+R)^T]/[(1+R)^T-1] )


Total Interest Payable (TIP)
(TIP = LE * T)


Total Payment (TP)
(TP = LA + TIP + P)


A personal loan is a reliable solution to meet fast loan eligibility. IIFL Finance provides personal loans at a minimum of Rs. 15,000 salaries. Before driving on a personal loan you should check the IIFL personal loan EMI calculator that enhances your decision and manage finances efficiently.

Benefits of IIFL Personal Loan EMI Calculator

  • The user-friendly interface provides results in a couple of seconds. EMI calculator tool gives the solution without downloading third-party software.
  • Adjust the EMI calculator parameters with the help of loan amount, interest, and tenure explore repayment term and monthly EMI, and choose the best option.
  • The borrower can calculate the EMI without any error. Our online method is a simple and one-click solution for users.
  • You may understand deeper insight knowledge with a graph of EMI calculator. Know about principal and interest rate amounts when comparing IIFL personal loan interest rates.
  • It will be much more complicated when you are going with a manual calculator. However, the online EMI calculator saves time.

IIFL Personal Loan EMI Calculation

Loan AmountInterest RateTenureEMI (Per Month)
Rs. 1,50,00014%36 monthsRs. 5,127
Rs. 2,00,00014%36 monthsRs. 6,836
Rs. 3,00,00014.5%36 monthsRs. 10,327
Rs. 3,50,00014.5%48 monthsRs. 9,653
Rs. 4,00,00014.85%48 monthsRs. 11,102
Rs. 4,50,00015%50 monthsRs. 12,158
Rs. 5,00,00015%52 monthsRs. 13,135
Rs. 5,50,00015.5%52 monthsRs. 14,590
Rs. 6,00,00016%58 monthsRs. 14,921

Compare Personal Loan Interest Rate

LenderInterest RateNet Salary 
WeRize   16% to 21% p.a.  Rs. 12,000Apply Now
Payme India  18% to 42% p.a.  Rs. 15,000Apply Now
InCred   11.49% to 18% p.a.  Rs. 15,000Apply Now
Fibe 24% to 30% p.a.  Rs. 15,000Apply Now
PaySense   1.4% to 2.3% per month  Rs. 18,000Apply Now
Upward   9% to 32% p.a.  Rs. 20,000Apply Now
Axis Bank10.49% to 22%  Rs. 25,000Apply Now
SMFG India Credit11.99% to 32% p.a.Rs. 20,000 to
Rs. 25,000
Apply Now
Bandhan Bank10.50% to 18% p.a.  Rs. 20,000Apply Now
Piramal Finance  12.99% p.a.  Rs. 25,000Apply Now
Finnable16% to 22% p.a.  Rs. 15,000Apply Now

IIFL Personal Loan Eligibility

IIFL Finance provides personal loans with a simple eligibility check. The below list of criteria you should know:

  • Indian Residence
  • Age: 23 to 60 years
  • Salary Rs. 15,000 or above
  • Credit Score: -1 / 720+ need
Personal Loan at 13,000 SalaryPersonal Loan at 14,000 Salary
Personal Loan at 15,000 SalaryPersonal Loan at 16,000 Salary
Personal Loan at 17,000 SalaryPersonal Loan at 21,000 Salary
Personal Loan without Branch VisitPersonal Loan Disbursement Process


  1. Can I apply for an IIFL personal loan online?

    Borrow IIFL finance personal loan from 24hr Loan that is a digital process. Without a branch visit, get loan approval up to Rs. 5 lakh.

  2. How to foreclose an IIFL personal loan?

    Easy to foreclose an IIFL personal loan from the IIFL website with the help of RTGS, NEFT, or Debit Card.

  3. How much salary is required for an IIFL personal loan?

    Individuals with a Rs. 15,000 income are eligible for IIFL finance personal loans.

  4. Is it a required co-applicant for an IIFL loan?

    You can borrow an IIFL personal loan without adding a co-applicant.

  5. How do I contact IIFL customer care?

    You can contact the customer at 1860-267-3000 or 7039-050-000. Call on the working day only.

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