Top 5 Instant Personal Loan Apps in India

Top 5 Instant Personal Loan Apps in India

Apply instant personal loan for emergency needs. A personal loan would be a quick solution if you require a fast loan. You will get the instant loan within 24 hr.

This is a digital loan process & don’t need to visit any branch. We are going to cover the top 5 instant personal loan apps in India.

Top 5 Instant Personal Loan Apps in India

Loan AppInterest Rate (Annual)Loan AmountCustomer Rating
Kreditbee 0% to 29.88% p.a.Rs. 1,000 to 4 Lakh4.1/5
Home Credit2% per monthRs. 1,000 to 5 Lakh4.3/5
Navi9.9% to 45% Rs. 10,000 to 20 Lakh4.2/5
Upward9% – 32%Rs. 15,000 to 3 Lakh4.3/5
LazyPay18%  to 25Rs. 10,000 to  1 lakh 4.4/5

1. Kreditbee

You can apply for an instant loan through Kreditbee. This is a fast loan provider company.

Kreditbee provides Rs. 1,000 to 4 lakh instant personal loans to everyone. The interest rate starts from 0% to 29.88% per annum. Your age should be a minimum of 18 years or above with Rs. 10,000 income per month.

The process is 100% digital. Upload documents like an Aadhaar Card & Pan Card at the time of the loan process. After eligibility, add a bank account to get the money to your account.

Features of Kreditbee Loan

  • 100% digital loan process
  • Get the loan without verification
  • Higher loan amount
  • 3 to 15 months EMI tenure
  • Affordable interest rate
Loan AvailableUp To 4 Lakh
Rate of Interest0% to 29.88% p.a.
Duration3 to 15 month
Eligibile Age19 yr – 68 yr.
Income RequiredRs. 10,000 per month
Processing FeesUp to 5% + GST charge
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2. Home Credit

Home Credit is an NBFC company that offers loans within 24 hr. You can apply for a Home Credit loan from anywhere in India. The applicant’s age should be 19 years old to apply. The minimum income required is Rs. 10,000 per month.

The loan process is online. Submit the required documents at the loan process time. If you are eligible, you get the loan instantly. You can get a 9 to 51-month loan repayment tenure.

Features of Home Credit Loan

  • Get a loan up to 5 lakh
  • Instant loan approval
  • Flexible Loan repayment tenure
  • Fully online process
  • No hidden charges
Loan AmountUp To 5 Lakh
Interest Rate2% per month
Loan Tenure9 to 51 month
Age19 – 68 year
IncomeRs. 10,000 per month
Processing FeesUp to 5% of the loan amount

3. Navi

Navi is a popular loan provider company operated by Navi Finserv. You can get up to 20 lakh instant loans. The loan tenure is 3 to 72 months. The interest rate starts from 9.9% per annum.

The minimum income is Rs. 15,000 per month. The salaried person or self-employed can apply for a loan.

You can apply for a loan without any income proof. Just a Pan card & Aadhaar card will be required. Within 30 minutes, you will get the month to a bank account.

Features of Navi Loan

  • Higher loan amounts of up to 20 lakh
  • Digital loan process
  • Only KYC documents are required to apply
  • Everyone can apply
  • Affordable interest rate from 9.9% p.a.
Loan AmountUp To 20 Lakh
Interest Rate9.9% to 45% p.a.
Tenure3 to 72 month
Age Requirment21 yr -65 yr.
Income Rs. 15,000 per month
Processing FeesUp to 3% of the loan amount
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4. Upward

Upward is a digital-based loan process that offers up to 3 lakh instant loans. You can get the loan for personal needs like home renovation, travel, medical expenses, or other purposes.

The applicant’s monthly salary must be Rs. 21,000 per month. Money should be credited to a bank account. The age should be a minimum of 21 years to apply.

The loan repayment tenure is 12 to 60 months. Within 72 hr, you will get the money. The interest rate is 9% to 32% p.a.

Features of Upward Loan

  • Fast loan process
  • Flexible repayment tenure
  • Fully digital loan
  • Get the loan without verification
  • No Guarantor Require
Loan AmountUp To 3 Lakh
Competitive Interest9% – 32% p.a.
Tenure12 – 60 month
Age Required21 years or above
Income RequiredRs. 21,000
Processing Fees2% to 4% of the loan amount
Who Can ApplySalaried Person

5. LazyPay

LazyPay is offering up to 1 lakh instant loans. The loan amount starts from Rs. 10,000 to 1 lakh. You can apply for the loan without income proof.

This is a 100% digital loan process & get the loan within 30 minutes. The loan repayment tenure is 3 to 24 months. The interest rate starts from 18% to 25% per annum.

The applicant’s age should be 22 to 55 years to apply.

Features of LazyPay

  • Digital loan process
  • Instant loan approval
  • Flexible repayment tenure
  • collateral-free loan
  • Higher loan amount
  • Anyone can apply
Interest rate18%  to 25% per annum
Loan AmountFrom 10,000 to  1 lakh  
Income RequiredYes
Loan Tenure3 months to 24 months
Eligibility Age22 years to 55 years
Processing Fees2% + GST
Eligible ForSalaried Person / Self Employed

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How to Get Instant Loan Approval

Day by day different types of lenders are offering the instant loan. But you cannot get a loan everywhere. You have to match the eligibility criteria to get the instant loan.

We are going to discuss some factors to be eligible for an instant personal loan.

1. CIBIL Track

CIBIL’s track record is the most essential part of applying for an instant loan. Your CIBIL record should be healthy to apply for an instant loan. Different lenders will check your previous credit record before loan approval. You will get fast loan approval if you have a good credit score (720+).

2. Maintain Average Balance

Maintaining the ABB (Average Bank Balance) is another part of loan approval. Every lender will check the average balance. To get a fast loan, you should maintain the minimum average balance on the account.

3. Eligible Age

Age is also an important factor for an instant loan. Some lenders provide loans at 18 years of age and some lenders offer loans at 21 years of age. You should check out the eligibility before applying.

4. Proper Documents

Fulfill the basic KYC documents to apply for a digital loan. Most lenders require an Aadhaar Card, Pan Card & Active Bank Account to apply for the loan. If you have all the documents, you are eligible for the next step, applying for a loan.

FAQs on Instant Personal Loan

  1. Can I get the loan without a salary slip?

    You can apply for a loan without a salary slip. We have mentioned this in detail in this article. Apply for a loan from Navi, Kreditbee, LazyPay, or StashFin. These apps give you instant loans without salary slips.

  2. What is the minimum CIBIL score required for an instant loan?

    The minimum CIBIL score of 720+ is required for an instant loan.

  3. How can I get a loan in 10 minutes?

    You can apply for a loan from mentioned lenders. They give you an instant loan within 10 minutes. Also, you can try MoneyView, Paytm Postpaid Loan, or Google Pay loan.

  4. How can I get Rs. 1000 quickly?

    Check out the mentioned apps in this article like Home Credit, Navi, Kreditbee & LazyPay. These apps provide instant loans from Rs. 1,000 to 4 lakh.

  5. Can I apply for a loan without a CIBIL Score?

    Some lenders provide loans without CIBIL scores. You should check out the eligibility criteria before applying.

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