Slice Credit Card

Slice Credit Card: Up To @ 10 Lakh Credit Limit

Slice is a digital lending platform that offers up to a 10 lakh credit limit. Slice Credit Card connected with different NBFC companies. You can get up to 2% cashback on every transaction.

Slice Credit Card comes with zero annual fees. Get an instant credit limit within 72 hours.

Slice Credit Card Quick Recap

Credit LimitUp To 10 Lakh
Joining FeeNil
Annual FeeNil
Age Required18 – 60 year
Income RequiredNIL
Rewards2% cashback
Eligible ForSelf-Employed / Salaried Person / Student

Benefits of Slice Credit Card

Not Required Income Proof: You can apply for a Slice Credit Card without income proof.

No Annual Charges: Slice Card doesn’t charge an annual fee. This is fully free of cost.

Cashback & Rewards: Get up to 2% cashback points on every transaction.

Higher Credit Limit: Slice Credit card offering up to 10 lakh credit limit. You can spend a limit for your needs.

Accept Everywhere: You can use a Slice Card at every outlet. 99% of merchants accept slice cards.

Fuel Charge Waiver: Maximum Rs. 200 fuel charge waiver in a billing cycle.

Convert EMI: You can easily convert your spending to EMI & make payments monthly basic.

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Eligibility Criteria

Required the following eligibility criteria to apply for a Slice Credit Card:

  • India Citizen
  • The age should be 18 years
  • Source of Income
  • Good CIBIL Score

Documents Required

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card

Comparison with Traditional Credit Cards

Slice Credit Card is a winner when you are comparing it with a traditional credit card. The several points you must look at:

Rewards and Cashback: Slice Credit Card offers different rewards and cashback compared to traditional cards. Based on spending habits get attractive reward points.

Fee Structure: Traditional credit cards come with annual charges, joining fees, and other hidden charges. But Slice Credit Card does not take joining and annual charges which is an additional advantage.

Application Process: Traditional cards are time-consuming and lengthy application procedures and require additional documents. Slice make is a simple process with digital application without extra documentation.

Customer Experience: When traditional credit card companies provide old customer support and outdated service, Slice offers a tech-based user experience with a modern customer experience.

Security and Privacy Features

Slice Credit Card maintains security and privacy to protect your data. The following features Slice maintains:

1. Data Security: Ensure your data security with encrypted features. All users’ information remains safe and secure.   

2. Fraud Detection: Slice maintains an advanced algorithms facility that monitors unusual acidity and fraud detection.

3. Two-Factor Authentication: The user can add an extra layer of two-factor authentication features. You can enable this facility from the Slice app.

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Fees & Charges

Joining FeeNil
Annual FeeNil
Card Replacement ChargeRs. 500
ATM Withdrawal ChargeRs. 50
Late Payment ChargesUp to Rs. 500: Nil
Between Rs. 501 to Rs. 2,000: Rs. 15
Between Rs. 2,001 to Rs. 10,000: Rs. 40
Between Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 25,000: Rs. 100
Above Rs. 25,000: Rs. 150

How to Apply for a Slice Credit Card

Step 1: Click on the “Slice Credit Card” button

Step 2: Download Slice Card apps

Step 3: Fill up the basic details

Step 4: Upload KYC documents

Step 5: If you are eligible, you will get the card.

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Slice Credit Card Customer Care

You can contact slice card customer care for any queries:

Customer care Number: 8047096430

Email ID: [email protected]

FAQs on Slice Credit Card

  1. I am a student. Can I apply for a Slice Card?

    You can apply as a student. You will require a good credit score to get the card.

  2. How much CIBIL Score is required to apply?

    You will need a minimum 720+ CIBIL Score to get the Slice Card.

  3. What is the maximum credit limit of a Slice Card?

    The Slice Card is offering Rs. 2,000 to 10 lakh credit limit.

  4. Can I withdraw money through a Slice Card?

    You can withdraw money through a Slice Card. But you have to pay an ATM withdrawal fee.

  5. Does Slice Card have hidden charges?

    Slice Card does not take any annual or joining charges. This is free of cost.

  6. Can I pay through a UPI transaction?

    You can pay through a QR Code Scan.

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