5 Business Ideas with Zero Investment

5 Business Ideas with Zero Investment

I heard from many people that we cannot be a businessman because of money. Yes, some businesses require huge capital. But for some companies, you can start with zero investment. You should have a skill or idea that will make a profitable business. So, if you are searching for 5 business ideas with zero investment, scroll down…

The 5 Business Ideas with Zero Investment

1. Digital Poster

Social media increases business opportunities. Not only business owners but every person entering on social media. At this point, everyone needs content to post on social platforms. So, the digital poster is now on a pick.

A creative mindset gives you more creative ideas to make a bold & unique poster. Anyone can start this business with zero investment. Also, you may charge handsome money with popular freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

2. Sell Book

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, started his business through bookselling. Make the bookselling business through Flipkart & Amazon. First, register on Seller Hub through KYC details & upload HD-quality pictures of books that you want to list for sale.

Search books from the local market & list them on the online platform. But, do your own research before listing. You should know which types of books are on the pick.

3. Graphic Design

You have to create a brand from scratch with cover design, logo design, billboard design, and website design. These are all fall under graphic design. A good graphic designer makes 6 figures in a year.

Pick orders through social media groups, and freelancing sites like Fiverr and make zero investment business with your skills. But you cannot make a design through a smartphone. Good configures computer & software will be needed.

4. Affiliate Income

With good Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers, you can generate affiliate income. Your targeted audience will buy products through your recommendation and you will earn the commission. Actually, you cannot imagine how much money you may earn through affiliate marketing.

Start affiliate marketing business from social media, YouTube channel, Website, blogging & email marketing. But choose the right niche & right product that will add extra value to your audience.

5. Sell Photos

If you observe your friend circle, you will find one or two friends who can capture good pictures from just a smartphone. I have one friend and he really captures a good picture with a smartphone. But he doesn’t know how to earn money from those pictures.

Sell your photos to the global market like Alamy, and Shutterstock and make money through passion.  But add creativity with passion. That means, don’t capture the boy, cow, dog, or girl’s picture. These all pictures are already available on the Internet. At this time, AI (Artificial Intelligence) creates a picture within a second. So, add extra creativity that will catch others’ eyes.


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