5 Online Business Ideas with Low Investment

5 Online Business Ideas with Low Investment

If you want to skip 10 to 5 jobs and are looking for a new route, we give you the right path.

After the coronavirus pandemic, online businesses have grown in a massive way. You can start different types of online business from home. Also, you may start with a small investment.

At this time, many businesses with low investment are available; the best part is the entire process is online. 24hr Loan is going to cover 5 online business ideas with low investment.

The 5 Online Business Ideas with Low Investment

1. Sell Poster

Most people now use social media to grow businesses or create their own brands. As per the record, Facebook covered 2.037 billion monthly users on April 2023 and Instagram covered 2.35 billion monthly users.

So, you should grab this opportunity and make money from this. You can easily sell posters to Facebook & Instagram users.

 Sell posters at Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 per piece.  Also, you can sell posters through the online platform Fiverr, a popular stage for sellers & buyers.

2. 5G Store

You can make an online 5G store. Yes, online 5G stores. Make a website or create a YouTube channel & sell products such as 5G phones, 5G modems etc. The entire process will be online. You can tie up with a courier service for home delivery.

Now, 4G is an old fashion & everyone looking for a 5G Smartphone with more features. You can search for the best phone from the local market & sell them online.

3. WhatsApp Chatbot

New businesses coming up with new ideas. So, every business needs to increase revenue & target customers. All the business owners loved to target customers through WhatsApp.

You just make WhatsApp chatbots for different businesses. Create a chatbot based on needs and make business with the help of business. This way you can help more people which will be helpful for you also.

4. Apps Building

Google Play store comes with thousands of thousand applications. Many business owners make their own applications to grow their business. You may build the application for the company, the business owner, and for own.

Charge Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 for one application and grow your business too. But create unique applications that will be different from others and people also love the unique way.

5. Social Media Ads

More business comes on social platforms to scale up business. Most businesses are really successful because of social media platforms. But businessmen don’t know how to grow their business through social media.

You should give your helping hand to business owners & companies to run social media ads. But you have to know about social media ads and play well like Sachin Tendulkar. But if you can’t grow sales through ads, people lose trust and you can’t grow the business too.


These are the 5 online business ideas with low investment. But before starting your own business, you should have your own passion & know the depth of your own field. Only you can go more deep not other. Because you are passionate about your field.

So, 24hr Loan shows you the route. But you have to walk forever. As a business, you can start with low investment, and you should not be bothered about money. Also, we are happy to serve you digital business loans if you have any needs.

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