Best Credit Card for High Income Earners in India

Best Credit Card for High Income Earners in India

Now, Credit Card is part of our lifestyle. Middle-class to higher class use credit cards for monthly expenses. Credit Card also makes profitable if you use it properly. Banks give a welcome gift, rewards points & more features on credit cards. But if you use the premium cards, you may unlock higher features such as unlimited lounge access, discount on dinner, and discount on shopping compared to the normal credit cards.

You can access the best credit card for high-income earners in India. Check the top lists below.

The Best Credit Card for High Income Earners in India

Credit CardsAnnual FeesFeatures
RBL Platinum Maxima CardRs. 2,000 + GSTFree airport lounge access, complimentary movie ticket, Rewards point of 10,000
Citi Bank Prestige Credit CardRs. 20,000 + GSTRs. 10,000 vouchers from ITC Hotel, Unlimited airport lounge access, Enjoy luxury airport service
SBI Signature CardRs. 4,999 + GSTWelcome gifts of Rs. 5,000, Membership on Elite Priority Pass Program, 5X reward points
American Express Platinum Charge CardRs. 60,000 + GSTWelcome vouchers of Rs. 45,000, Travel insurance benefit, 1,200 airport lounge access, complimentary golf course
ICICI bank Emeralde credit cardRs. 12,000 + GSTComplimentary lounge access, 4 Payback points, Insurance cover, Domestic airport spa access

RBL Platinum Maxima Card

RBL Platinum Maxima Card feels you special with its premium features. Get a huge discount on shopping with 2X reward points. This is one of the best credit cards for high-income earners. Access 2 times domestic airport lounge access periodically.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Indian Residence
  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Healthy Credit Score: 735+
  • Proof of income

Citi Bank Prestige Credit Card

You can access travel & luxury lifestyle benefits with Citi Bank Prestige Credit Card. Unlock up to 50% discount on movie tickets on BookMyShow. Enjoy unlimited domestic & international lounge access with complimentary Priority Pass membership. Also, covering 5 crores of air death insurance cover.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Residence should be Indian
  • At least 21 years of age required
  • Annual income must be Rs. 25 lakhs
  • Good credit score required

SBI Signature Card

Make your lifestyle more special with SBI Signature Card. You can take ATM money withdrawal benefits across the world with this card. Get 5X reward points on shopping and international transaction. Take the benefits of the Elite Priority Pass program membership with airport lounge access.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Indian Citizenship
  • Monthly Income: Rs. 60,000 required
  • Salary / Self Employed can apply
  • Required decent credit score

American Express Platinum Charge Card

Get a minimum credit limit of Rs. 10 Lakhs with American Express Platinum Charge Card. You can enjoy the welcome benefits of the Taj Hotel voucher of 45,000. Access unlimited lounge access. Unlock the exclusive features such as invitations for VIP-only events and 25% off at Taj Hotel.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum Age: 18 years required
  • A salaried person with Rs. 25 Lakhs p.a. salary
  • Self Employed with Rs. 15 Lakhs p.a. income
  • Healthy CIBIL Score

ICICI bank Emeralde credit card

As a high net-worth individual, you may enjoy with ICICI bank Emeralde credit card. Enjoy monthly 4 rounds of golf and unlimited lounge access. 4 PAYBACK points on Rs. 100 spent. No cash withdrawal fees or no late payment charges are applicable. Also, cover Rs. 3 crore air accidental insurance.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Indian Residence
  • Monthly income Rs. 3 lakhs required
  • Good credit history

FAQs on Best Credit Card for High Income Earners in India

What are the most premium features available for High Income Class?

You may access unlimited domestic & international lounges, up to 4 golf rounds free every month, Hotel voucher with accidental insurance coverage.

Is a premium credit card available for everyone?

No, the premium credit card is available for high-income groups. It will depend on card to card.

Can I use more than one credit card?

Yes, you can use more than one credit card.

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