How to Start a Business with Rs. 10,000

How to Start a Business with Rs. 10,000?

“Building a successful business is not a joke”. I think you heard this line somewhere. But if you are passionate, you may build a successful business. Still, are you thinking how much money is required?

Take a deep breath and relax. 24hr Loan is here for you. You can even start a profitable business with Rs. 10,000. Yes, it’s true. Believe me.

Some people believe that it is tough to build a business under 10,000. We give you unique ideas of the best business under 10K. It will be unique & profitable.

1. Handmade Kitchen Products

People are more conscious after the COVID-19 pandemic.  So, they are trying to move from nonstick kitchen items to Mud products (Mitti Ke Bartan). You should start a Handmade Kitchen products business. If you live in the village, you can get the mud products anywhere. Anyone start this business under Rs. 10,000.

You may sell the products all over the world. These unique business ideas really make a profitable business. Listed all products on Amazon and sell anywhere you want.

2. Affiliate Business from YouTube

Affiliate marketing business is a really huge industry. A person can easily make 1 lakh/per month through Affiliate Business. Enter this Affiliate Business from YouTube. It’s easy to make a YouTube video of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) revolution.

Create YouTube shorts or videos of your affiliate products within 20 minutes and publish content on YouTube. But don’t forget to give the affiliate link of products on YouTube description. When people buy products from your link, you will earn a commission. This is under 10,000 business ideas and a highly profitable business.

3. Sell Website

People are now buying ready websites. It will be saving for everyone. First, buy a hosting and then make a good website with a unique design. After that, you can list them on Flippa or a Facebook group. Interested people will contact you if they love your site and sell them with a profit amount.

Start a selling website business with Rs. 10,000. Even it can start at less than 10,000. But, the original skill is making a unique website. You have to learn about Elementor which makes a responsive website.

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4. Baby Sitter

Baby Sitter is a popular business in the USA and other countries. But India is adopting this business slowly. Now, you can see most of the family goes to a nuclear family, and husband-wife both are working people. So, who is going to see the newborn baby? The answer is Baby Sitter who is caring for the baby properly.

You may start the Baby Sitter hearing middle-aged women. Because this is not a man’s cup of tea. Rent an office and hire some women to run the Baby Sitter business. You may charge a good amount for one Baby Sitting.

5. Sell Course

India is a growing industry. Everyone learning new ideas & skills. If you have the skills or expertise in a particular niche, you can sell the course online. Make the course that you are an expert & charge the amount from every customer. You can retarget new customers and sell the course every time.

A person may earn a huge amount from just course selling. But in-depth knowledge should be essential and give the solution to problems through the course. If you truly solve the other problem, your course will sell immediately. 

You may continue to read 5 online business ideas with low investment. These unique business ideas you should start as soon as possible.

FAQs on Start a Business with Rs. 10,000

Can I start a YouTube business at Rs. 10,000?

Video is a growing industry right now. It’s quite possible to start a YouTube business with a Rs. 10,000 budget. But carefully give every step to be successful You Tuber:
1.       Create YouTube Channel
2.       Make Unique Content
3.       Video Editing Software
4.       Other Equipment
5.       Keyword Research
6.       Create Thumbnail
7.       Monetization

 What types of businesses growing right now?

A new opportunity came to the market and entered a new business. Currently, AI is taking place in the market. Here are some growing industries at this time:
1.       Digital Marketing
2.       AI Startup
3.       Fitness Coaching
4.       E-commerce Products
5.       Online Education
6.       Course Selling
Conduct your own research before entering the market and stay updated every time to identify new opportunities.

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