HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan Card Payment

HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan Card Payment: Fast Repayment (2024)

HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan is a credit limit of HDFC Credit Card. Take a Jumbo loan if the borrower needs urgent cash. Withdraw your credit limit to your HDFC Bank savings account. Pay the Insta Jumbo loan interest of 11.88% annually. Also, pay the HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan Card Payment with the below steps.

HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan Repayment Details

  • HDFC Bank Credit Card users take pre-approved jumbo loan benefits.
  • You obtain a Jumbo loan and see loan details from the HDFC Bank application.
  • Choose loan tenure at the time of the Jumbo loan process.
  • Pay the EMI monthly that is added to your HDFC Credit Card billing cycle.
  • EMI payment option available on HDFC Bank application.

How to Repayment of Insta Jumbo Loan

Easy repayment option available for HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan. Choose the below option to pay the Jumbo loan:

HDFC Bank Saving Account Holder

Option 1: Set Autopay mode to repay the Jumbo loan from the HDFC Saving account.

Option 2: Repay Jumbo Loan from the HDFC Bank mobile banking application.

Option 3:  Registered with Net banking and pay the Jumbo Loan monthly installment through a registered login Net banking ID.

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HDFC Bank Non-Saving Account Holder

If you are not an HDFC bank savings account holder, choose a different payment mode to pay HDFC Jumbo loan repayment.

Option 1: You may repay the Jumbo loan installment through Demand Draft. Mention Jumbo loan Account Number AAN beneficiary.

 Option 2: Borrower with another bank holder can pay the loan EMI by designating Jumbo loan Account Number AAN as beneficiary. You may directly use the NEFT/RTGS option from another bank Net banking to pay the Jumbo loan EMI. Fill in the following information for NEFT/ RTGS payment:

Name of the beneficiary bank: HDFC Bank Limited
Name of the beneficiary: Beneficiary name
Account number of the beneficiary: Jumbo Loan Account Number
Remarks: Payment for a month (mm/yyyy)
IFSC code: HDFC0000128
HDFC Bank location: Bank House

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HDFC Jumbo Loan Customer Care Service

If customers have HDFC Jumbo loan or installment-related queries, call directly customer care service. Find the below customer representative number:

Official Number: 1800 1600 / 1800 2600 / 1800 202 6161

Call during office hours for a quick solution. Phone numbers are working on Mon to Sat 9 AM to 7 PM.


What is an HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan?

HDFC Jumbo loan is a pre-approved loan which available on behalf credit card. If you are an HDFC credit card user, you may be eligible for an HDFC Insta Jumbo loan. Getting a loan amount depends on your credit card limit and your creditworthiness.

How to contact HDFC Loan customer care?

HDFC Bank representatives are available on working days only. Customers call 1800 1600 / 1800 2600 / 1800 202 6161 this official number for any concern.

Who is eligible for an HDFC Jumbo Loan?

The HDFC Bank credit card holder with a time credit card bill payment track is the mostly eligible person for an HDFC Jumbo loan. But the credit score must be decent.

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