5 Ways to Celebrate Your Diwali with Personal Loan

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Diwali with Personal Loan

Diwali makes light everywhere with prosperity. Celebrate Diwali by taking a personal loan from 24hr Loan. The digital loan journey creates more lights by renovating your home, buying a new car, taking a vacation tour, or buying gifts for your family.

The salary of Rs. 12,000 provides you with an instant personal loan at a 1.35% interest rate. Obtain up to Rs. 5 lakh loan and celebrate this Diwali.

The 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Diwali with a Personal Loan

1. Renovate Your Home

Diwali comes with more prosperity. Create more happy moments by refurbishing the interior. Decorated with new furniture with an instant personal loan. A personal loan helps to solve your urgent loan requirement.

Give a classic touch to your living room with classy furniture, and paint with fresh colour. Dining space is your relaxing place. Decor delightful furniture utilizing a personal loan and make more light on this Diwali season.

2. Book a Family Trip

Vacation gives fun with your loved family. Take a break from work and explore new destinations at this Diwali festival. Planning a new trip with a regular budget through a personal loan. Enjoy the holiday with loved ones with celebrate festival aid.

Ensuring holiday with book a family vacation. 24hr Loan gives you an instant personal loan solution at a 12K monthly salary. Get approval for your personal loan within 72 hours and enjoy this trip.

3. Diwali Gifts

Gifts make you happy even if you are 60 years old and if the gift is at Diwali season it will make more happy to the family members. Explore Diwali gifts such as jewellery, mobile phones, clothes, etc. You may gift these items and see the happy faces that are more prosperous for you.

Take digital loans and buy gifts for family. We are ensuring up to Rs. 5 lakh loan at 12,000 salary. Also, explore other loans or credit cards for your needs.

4. Delight Foods

Diwali celebration goes with delightful food items. Mouthwatering sweets, snacks, and delicious food make me happy. Also, you should explore gourmet recipes with a classic touch. This all will happen with personal loan features.

Experience premium quality food at five-star hotels with instant loans. The online hassle-free loan can switch on the brighter light on your family.

5. Dhanteras Shopping

Dhanteras is an auspicious day that is celebrated before the Diwali festival. Buy gold and blessed Laxmi, the Hindu god. Increase your income on this shubh muhurat and make success in your life.

Personal loan makes it easy to buy Dhanteras shopping. The fastest loan service helps you to create shubh muhurat to buy gold shopping.

Benefits of Diwali Personal Loan Celebration

Fast Disburse Process: Lenders disburse loans with instant approval within 3 days. You just need to fill out the application the right way with the proper documents uploaded. This digital process provides faster loans up to Rs. 5 lakh at 12K salary.

Hassle-free Documents: Submit minimal documents for a personal loan. With a 100% online process, experience a hassle-free process with us.

Affordable Interest: Your loan interest rate depends on different factors such as credit score, loan inquiries, etc. Ensuring personal loan journey with a 1.35% p.m. interest rate.

Repayment Tenure: Take the benefit of choosing your loan repayment from 12 months to 36 months. Easy personal loan tenure helps to pay the monthly EMI.

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Diwali Personal Loan Eligibility

At this Diwali festival get the benefits of a personal loan with easy eligibility criteria. The following points should remember to process the loan application faster.

  • Your age: 21 to 55 years
  • Credit Report: -1 or 700+ should be
  • The post of your job must be 12 months old.
  •  Job Profession should be in Pvt Ltd, Public Ltd, LLP, or government staff.

Final Thoughts

Diwali comes to your life prosperity and stay away from the dark. With the help of a personal loan, makes a family happy at captures the moments.

Enjoy the instant personal loan of Rs. 5 lakh at just Rs. 12,000 net salary. The affordable monthly interest is 1.35% to 1.85% with 36 months tenure. It will take just a couple of minutes to apply.

FAQs on Diwali Personal Loan

What is loan eligibility required for a Diwali personal loan?

The personal loan at Diwali Eva creates happy moments. Your Rs. 12,000 salary makes the personal loan eligible. But cash salary is not possible to offer the loan.

How much loan can be offered at this Diwali festival?

Lenders offer the maximum ticket size loan of up to Rs. 5 lakh for this Diwali festival. After checking creditworthiness, get maximum loan eligibility.  

Is it a digital process to get the Diwali festival personal loan?

This is 100% true that you will experience the digital loan drive. Lenders cut the extra time and effort to keep it simple.

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