Which Business Can I Start with Rs. 5,000

Which Business Can I Start with Rs. 5,000? (7+ Unique Ideas)

It does not mean you will need Rs. 1 lakh or more to start a business. Rs. 5,000 also is enough to start your business. After AI (Artificial Intelligence) came the digital world grew fast. Many opportunities are closed for someone but many routes are also open to starting a business.

Analyze the perfect business opportunities and find the best way to start a business under Rs. 5,000. Our business list makes you profitable and scale from time to time.

7 Unique Business Ideas Start with Rs. 5000

Virtual Event Planner

Virtual event is an online hosted program such as recorded videos, live streams, etc. A microphone, computer, and internet connection will be needed for the virtual event. A virtual event planner may organize company meetings, webinars, conferences, and networking events.

Different types of clients will organize other types of events. It would help if you chose the right equipment, and technical support as a virtual event planner.

Start the virtual event planner business with Rs. 5,000. Promote on social media with new ideas and give knowledge about virtual event planning. This way you will make the right audience and genuine customers.

Financial Advisor

Everyone wants to grow money. But lack of proper knowledge they don’t understand what to do. Provide the right information and guide people about investment, shares market, insurance, and bank-related products.

You may charge a consultant fee from the client. Unlimited way to grow financial advisor business. Give consultant service through Zoom meetings. Make YouTube videos and start making money from Google Adsense. With Rs. 5,000, start the financial advisor business. But if you are thinking about an office, requires some more money.

Content Writer

If you love to write, a content writing business make you rich. Startup businesses and bloggers connect with people through content. If you make well-researched content, anyone cannot stop you.

From home, start content writing service through freelancing and make the freelancing business from Upwork, Fiverr, etc. A computer and internet connection is enough to start the business.

But you will need a small team to manage the content writing service and run a business from anywhere in the world skipping the 10 to 5 job.

Eco-friendly Bag

The government is taking steps to ban plastic bags. Some countries such as Bangladesh, China, and France banned plastic bags. So, the idea is to make eco-friendly bags based on customer needs. Do some research on the market and create your own eco-friendly bag business.

You may start this business with a paper bag under Rs. 5,000. After that, expand with another eco-friendly bag. First, sell the bags on the local market and expand based on needs.


Do you speak 3 to 4 languages? If you give the yes answer, the translator services a good business for you. Now different freelancer platforms have a high demand for translators. Someone wants to translate from English to Spanish or Hindi to English.

You have the capability to accomplish this if you have knowledge of various languages.  Charge good money based on work.

Social Media Management

Managing other’s social media is a many-making business idea. Now ordinary man to filmstar everyone creating their own brand. Small business owners also enter the digital world for business growth. You have to just handle their social media profiles and create your own business with Rs. 5,000 only.

You can handle social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and post on behalf of clients. Charge monthly package based on post frequency. Also, you may design posters for clients and charge per poster basic.

Remember some points before starting a social media management business:

  1. Content Strategy: Content creation strategy skill you should acquire for a social media manager business. Thousand of content posts with a second. Create unique content that will be different from others.
  2.  Make Business Plan: Create your details business plan outlines with proper goals, budget, etc. Also, make a list of prices that you will give to clients.
  3. Choose Specific Software: You can’t manage all client profiles yourself. Choose software that will manage for you. Such social media management tools like Hootsuite, and Buffer will help you a lot.
  4. Social Media Skills: Starting a social media management business is not easy. Always you will stay up to date on the latest trends, and algorithms of major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Digital Course

Digital course business is a hot demanding product. But you will require a skill that you will teach through the course. Make a video record with step by step process and sell the digital course online.

Here are some points you should take a look at for digital course business:

  1. Choose Niche: Choose a Pacific niche if you are an expert in the field. A good knowledge if you can provide, you will gain trust and make money also.
  2. Content Create: Create high-quality video content and include video lectures, and quizzes to make a good content structure.
  3. Select Platform: Now, decide where you buy the course. You can choose online course platforms like Udemy, and Teachable to sell the course or sell from your own website.
  4. Branding:  You will not get the success from first day. Create a brand and promotion of your course with a marginal price tag.
  5. Reviews and Feedback: Encourage your loyal customers to get the genuine review and feedback. It will gain the customer’s trust.

Give time and build a strong reputation with loyal customers. Always try to improve your course so that will love the customers.

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