How to Use ATM Card to Withdraw Money

How to Use ATM Card to Withdraw Money

Using an ATM card or Debit card makes your lifestyle easy. The current or savings account holder gets an ATM card from the Bank. You may carry a debit card to withdraw money within 10 minutes. But banks provide 4 to 5 times free money withdrawals from ATMs. But now you may use cardless cash withdrawals from an ATM.

How to Use ATM Card to Withdraw Money (Step by Step)

Before withdrawing money from an ATM card, the cardholder needs to active ATM pin. We assumed that you active ATM PIN card. Go to the further steps:

Step 1: Visit the nearest ATM and enter your debit card. At this time, chip-based ATM cards are available which will go to ATM.

Step 2: Choose language by pressing the side button.

Step 3: Now choose an account type like Savings or Current account.

Step 4: Enter your 4-digit ATM PIN such as XXXX.

Step 5: Now choose the option “Withdraw Money” to cash withdraw.

Step 6: Enter the withdrawal amount. The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 100 or a multiple of Rs. 100 you can withdraw from an ATM.

Step 7: Now collect your money. If you want to take the withdrawal receipt, press the ‘yes’ button otherwise press the ‘No’ button.

Step 8: Now collect the ATM card and end the process by pressing the cancel button.

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Why Should You Consider Using an ATM Card?

Cardholder gets many benefits from using an ATM card. Explore why you should use an ATM or debit card:

Instant Cash: Whenever you need urgent cash, go to the ATM and withdraw money up to Rs. 50,000. Withdraw money from anywhere without going branch visit.

Contactless Transaction: Most debit card comes with contactless transaction features. Pay bills without using an ATM pin in a shopping mall. But the maximum contactless transaction limit is Rs. 5,000.

Balance Check: Debit card holders easily check their bank balance anytime and anywhere.  Some people don’t want to use banking-related apps from mobile. They can check their account balance with the help of an ATM card.

24 X 7 Service: In our busy life, we can visit the branch at the mentioned time. But ATM cardholders may use banking services 24 X 7 from ATMs. Just you have to hold an ATM or Debit card.

Guidelines for Activating Your ATM Card

Activating an ATM card is a quite simple process. The below guidelines you should follow to active ATM card:

Customer Care: Call customer care from the registered phone number and provide details like account number, last 4 digit debit card number to active ATM pin. It will take hardly 10 minutes.

Active from ATM: Go to your nearest bank’s ATM and interest ATM card. Now provide the bank register phone number and account number to activate your new ATM card. Also, the bank provides a temporary PIN which has to be entered into the ATM to create a new 4-digit PIN.

Net Banking: One of the simple ATM activation methods is net banking. Log in to your net banking through your user ID & password and go to the “Active ATM Card” section. The bank will ask for the security code of the Debit card to activate the ATM card by generating a new ATM PIN.


What is the full form of ATM?

The full form of an ATM is an Automatic Teller Machine.

How much maximum amount withdrawn from the ATM?

The maximum is Rs. 50,000 you can withdraw money from ATM per day.

How many times ATM cash withdrawals in a month?

Most banks set a limit of 5 times free cash withdrawals per month.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from an ATM?

The minimum amount of Rs. 100 you can withdraw from an ATM.

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