Indifi Business Loan

Indifi Business Loan Apply: Get 50 Lakh Loan

Borrow hassle-free Indifi business loans for driving the growth of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sector. An innovative financial company like Indifi supports various business loan activities.  Get working capital loans, term loans, Merchant Cash Advances, Supply Chain Finance, and more. Access Indifi loan up to 50 lakh including 1.5% monthly interest

Indifi Business Loan

Loan AvailableUp to Rs. 50 Lakh
Interest Rate1.5% per month
Repayment TermUp to 3 years
Credit Score700+
Processing ChargeUp to 4% + GST

What is Indifi?

Indifi Technologies is a popular financial company that is mainly focused on small and medium-sized enterprises. Indifi ensures hassle-free funding with minimal documents. This financial company collaborates with banks and non-banking financial companies to offer loans. Indifi focuses on different types of business loans such as Working Capital Loan, Term Loan, Supply Chain Finance, Line of Credit, etc.

Features and Benefits of Indifi Business Loan

Maximum Loan Amount: Get instant funds up to 50 lakh for business growth with Indifi Technology. Most advanced data fletching software helps to get quick loan disbursement.

Easy Application Process: Indifi makes it easy for borrowers through the online application process. Apply business loan from anywhere and anytime for an Indifi business loan.

Competitive Interest Rates: The advanced data fletching technology helps borrowers to get competitive interest rates depending on creditworthiness and financial health. Enjoy a monthly interest rate of 1.5%.

Minimal Documentation: Indifi cuts the extensive paperwork processes and focuses on minimal documents that are easy to upload through the online system.

Fast Disbursal: Once your business loan, Indifi transfers funds immediately. You are ensuring 3 days loan disbursement process.

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Types of Indifi Business Loans

Indifi comes with various business loan segments for borrower needs:

1. Working Capital Loan: Manage business operations, purchase raw materials, and other fund-related issues will be solved through a working capital loan.

2. Term Loan: Expand your business by buying a new shop, machinery, and equipment with the help of an Indifi term loan.

3. Merchant Cash Advance: This loan is ideal for significant card transaction volume. You can easily repay the loan through daily card sales at a fixed percentage.

4. Invoice Discounting: This is an innovative loan feature of Indifi. Obtain a loan against your unpaid company bills. Indifi provides up to 90% loan amount of bill value.

5. Credit Lines: Instant overdraft or credit line is a popular feature of Indifi. The manufacturing and hospitality industry gets urgent cash on demand. Pay a useable overdraft loan within 12 months.

6. Trading Loans: Traders require urgent cash for day-to-day operations. Obtain trading loans for easy fund collation. This loan is eligible for businesses that are running sales and purchases daily.

Indifi Business Loan Eligibility

  • Vintage Proof: Your business vintage proof minimum 1 year old.
  • Banking Transaction: The banking 6 months credit must be 6 lakh or above.
  • Credit Score: Indifi accepts 700+ credit score.
  • Type of business: Indifi caters to various types of business like retail, manufacturing, logistics, and services.
  • Age: Customer age must be 22 years or above.
  • One person company, LLP, Private Limited company, Partnership firm, Proprietorship eligibile for Indifi business loan.

Business Loan Documents List

  • Proprietor pan card
  • Proprietor Aadhaar Card
  • 6 months Bank Statement
  • 1 year old vintage proof (Trade License / MSME Certificate / Income Tax File / GST File)
  • House or Shop electricity bill
  • A Private Limited Company requires a company Pan Card & partnership deed.

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Indifi Business Loan Interest & Charges

Interest Rate1.5% per month
Processing Fee4% plus Tax
Pre-close Charge4%
Repayment Term36 months

How to Apply for an Indifi Business Loan

The straightforward Indifi business loan application is a quick forward and online process. Here is the follow the below guidelines:

1. Start Application: Apply for an Indifi business loan from 24hrLoan with the digital procedure.

2. Fill out the form: Provide all the necessary details for the Indifi loan including personal information, business details, etc.

3. Submit Documents: Submit your documents such as bank statements, vintage proof, KYC documents, GST returns, etc.

4. Assessment and Approval: Indifi uses advanced data analytics to fletch the customer’s creditworthiness and provide the best loan offer.

5. Disbursal of Funds: Complete your formalities and accept your loan to your bank account within a day.

FAQs on Indifi Business Loan

  1. What is the interest rate of an Indifi business loan?

    Indifi provides business loans with an 18% per annum interest rate.

  2. How much credit score is good for an Indifi business loan?

    The minimum credit score of 700+ is good to go with an Indifi business loan.

  3. Can I get the highest business loan from Indifi?

    Indifi offers up to 50 lakh business loans without collateral or security.

  4. What is the foreclose charge for an Indifi business loan?

    Indifi charges 4% to foreclose the business loan amount.

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