Business Loan EMI Calculator

Loan EMI Calculator

Amount (A)
Interest Rate (R) (in %)
Tenure (T) (in months)
Processing Fees (P) (in %)
Down Payment (D)

Total Down Payment (TDP)
(TDP = D + P)


Loan EMI (LE)
(PLA= A – D)
(PLA = Principal Loan Amount)
(LE = [PLA x R x (1+R)^T]/[(1+R)^T-1] )


Total Interest Payable (TIP)
(TIP = LE * T)


Total Payment (TP)
(TP = LA + TIP + P)


Business owners should take proper planning for business-related expenses and investments. Whenever talk about business loans, it’s need to apply strategy. The Business Loan EMI Calculator tool gives proper instructions for monthly loan EMI payments with lender details.

Understanding EMI Details

An Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) is a loan installment that the borrower needs to pay the lender each month on a fixed date. The EMI includes of principal amount and interest on the outstanding loan amount. If the borrower fails to pay the EMI on a specific date, the lender may take extra charges. Also, EMI bounce can impact credit score.

How to Calculate Monthly EMI

The business loan calculator is a user-friendly online tool. Provide basic information that required showing EMI calculation result:

1. Principal Amount: Loan approval amount by lender.

2. Rate of Interest: The rate of the loan amount charged by a lender to the borrower.

3. Tenure: The loan duration of total months or years.

The EMI Calculator tool now displays your monthly installment along with loan tenure and interest amount. Business owners can understand and make planning of monthly expenses with the help of this tool.

Advantages of Using the Business Loan EMI Calculator

Financial Planning: The EMI calculator displays a clear breakdown of the monthly loan payments that are effective for financial planning and to make proper budgeting of expenses.

Compare Loan Offer: Use the business loan EMI calculator to compare loan offers from different lenders that identify competitive interest rates.

Scenario Analysis: Explore various loan scenarios and deeply analyze them by adjusting parameters like loan amount, interest rate, and tenure.  

Transparency: The calculator tool provides transparency results that borrowers understand and calculate between the principal amount and the total interest amount.

Factors Impacting Business Loan EMI

Loan Amount: Borrower loan amount significantly impacts loan EMI. Generally, a higher loan amount is equal to a larger EMI. The loan amount is one of the major factors to impact business loan EMI.

Interest Rate: The loan interest rate is one of the important players. A high interest rate leads to higher EMI and a lower interest rate leads to lower EMI. Same way, short loan tenure can impact high EMI but overall interest will be low.

Loan Tenure: Repayment tenure is another key of impacting business loan EMI. Longer tenure comes with a smaller EMI and short tenure will save overall money but the EMI will be high.

Lender Policies and Offers: Every lender sets its policies and conditions. Also, different types of charges are included on business loans. This will impact on EMI calculation.


  1. What is the business loan EMI of Rs. 1 lakh loan?

    The monthly EMI of Rs. 1,00,000 loan is Rs. 3,418 if the loan interest rate is 14% p.a. and the tenure is 36 months.

  2. Can I get a long repayment tenure for a business loan?

    Business owners get a long tenure of up to 60 months term of business loans. But each lender sets its own rules. So, it may be different from lender to lender.

  3. Can I foreclose a business loan?

    Yes, business owners can foreclose business loans. This reduces your loan interest rate and the loan will close on time.

  4. What is the EMI of a business loan of Rs. 5 lakh?

    The EMI of Rs. 5 lakh is Rs. 13,664 if the interest rate is 14% and the repayment term is 48 months.