Salary with Rs. 18K per month is available up to Rs. 5 lakh loan. 

Affordable interest rate at 1.35% per month. This will calculate based on cibil track. 

Start loan process at minimum 21 years age. The maximum age limit is 55 years.

Zero credit score customer or 700+ score owner obtain for loan.

1 year job experience with salary deposit statement eligible for loan.

KYC documents, salary slip, 1 yr Bank statement and address proof documents need.

Go to 24hr and apply for personal loan at 18K salary within one click.

Lender will check all the loan eligibility criteria for loan process. Take 72 hour for approval.

Your utility bill is one of essential address proof for faster approval. Keep documents near you. 

Provide co-applicant Aadhaar card and mobile number for verify. 

Apply for Personal Loan at 15,000 Salary